What is Life Un(t)raveled?


Despite its name, this is not your average travel website. Although you will find travel blogs and destinations to choose from, I challenged myself to create a website like no other both visually and contextually.

You won’t find anything telling you what to pack, what gear to buy, a list of places you need to see before you die or how I quit my job to travel the world (but if you have any questions on these subjects, ask away!). Don’t get me wrong – all those topics make for great reading and often offer useful advice. All I’m saying is that there are already plenty of websites like that some of which I, myself, follow on social media.

Life Un(t)raveled is about more than just traveling – it’s a play on words – a delicate balance between a life that has yet to be explored and a life that is unraveling faster than we’d like to admit. Through my travel stories and my passion for interior design, it’s meant to inspire you to live your dreams (whatever they are), to motivate you to do and be better, to give you the confidence to start believing in yourself. A Life Un(t)raveled is one that offers endless possibilities to discover new things,  the potential to go beyond your limits and the courage to step outside your comfort zone.

We all have the ability to blossom into what we’re meant to be, we’re all a work in progress. We just need a little help along the way and, hopefully, you can find some inspiration right here.

Welcome to Life Unt(r)aveled and thanks for reading!


Yours in progress,





“Is this the life you dreamed of – No, it’s even better!” – Lucca, Italy


What does Life Un(t)raveled mean to you? Feel free to share your thoughts below!


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