Striking a Pose in Pisa – Sharing History & Laughs

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Some historical monuments are the perfect prop for taking silly creative pictures but the Leaning Tower of Pisa probably beats them all – inciting tourists to perform all sorts of contortions to save it from its hypothetical dismal fall to the ground. It was very amusing seeing all these tourists striking a pose with the infamous campanile; I couldn’t resist capturing them on camera so following are a few photos for your viewing pleasure and also a little bit of history about the world-famous Torre Pendente di Pisa.







The construction of the Tower of Pisa started in 1173 and was interrupted several times by unforeseen factors such as wars, debt and the copious amount of time spent trying to figure out how to correct its ever-increasing slanted perpendicularity (this made me chuckle). Construction finally ended in the mid-1300’s with the help of a series of very aggravated and sleep-deprived engineers and architects no doubt. I’m sure the Tuscan air was filled with a few Italian curse words – vaffanculo comes to mind (you can google that if you so wish).




So why exactly is the tower leaning? It all started at the very beginning of the construction. By the time the third of eight stories was built, the builders noticed the tower was leaning (why did it take so long to notice this? I’m thinking there was a lot of vino being passed around). This was due to the fact that the shifting soil which consisted of sand, shells and clay wasn’t sturdy enough (again, didn’t anybody think of checking this very important factor? Meh, darmi piu del vino!) for such a construction (or any construction for that matter) and thus the Leaning Tower of Pisa started sinking and quite haphazardly became a very popular tourist site many centuries later.




If you thought the campanile was a stroke of architectural ingenuity, sorry to burst your bubble but nope; in reality it was actually due to a sizable lack of planning? expertise? competence? sobriety? all of the above? I’ll let you ponder on this while you pour yourself a glass of vino.








Can you spot the posers?






11892178_10153615188392853_6126420844198035654_n (1)


If you’re wondering if I succumbed to the theatrics of posing with the Tower of Pisa, the answer is no f’n way. I’m a self-professed snob when it comes to prop-induced photos though I recall that one time years ago in Santorini when I was sternly instructed by a stranger to cradle the sun (wtf?). That was the one and only time – I’ve stood my ground since then.



Funny – the tower looks suspiciously straight….hmmmm



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  • Sandy & Vyjay

    I agree the Leaning tower is really a perfect location for some crazy pictures. We loved it when we were there, of course the crowds make it a little difficult to get perfect pictures. It would be lovely to be there when not may people are around.

  • Wanderers Hub

    If only history was this funny and exciting, I would love to know it all. Your pictures have turned out to be super hillarious and I don’t blame the ones photographed. Everyone would want a perfect picture with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And it’s definitely so exciting seeing all the fun around. We have seen such stuff on Taj Mahal, Agra. 😀

  • megan_claire

    Haha I love this! We’ve traveled all throughout Italy, but not yet made it to Pisa … it’s been so out of the way on each of our previous trips, btu I’m dying to make it happy JUST so I can get the cheesy tourist photos! That said, I would probably enjoy the people watching there just as much, and trying to sneak photos of other people pulling awkward and funny poses too hehe :D!


      Just be careful you don’t end up on some sneaky travel blogger’s post! 😉

  • Joan Torres

    haha, funny moments you captured. I also always find very funny when I see all the tourists doing this sort of poses. The funniest I’ve seen is in Dubai mall though, where dozens of people stay on the line to take a picture n front of luxury stores such as Louis Vuittoni, Dior, etc. Ridiculous!

  • Nice bit of info on the Leaning tower. I loved looking at photos of the people posing up. The different angle/perspective makes it all the more funny!

  • Karla Ramos

    I loved looking at the photos and I can attest to the fact that these are all true. I witnessed it myself. This gave me a good laugh dear.

  • Jess Weller

    Love the photos, they made me laugh! It’s strange how straight it looks in your last photo…..

  • I have taken a lot of photos of tourists holding up the Tower of Pisa. It’s just something you have to do 🙂

  • Diana C

    Haha these photos are hilarious. I’ve never been to the Tower of Pisa, but I’ve got to admit you’d probably find me striking a silly pose like many of these people. Thanks for sharing this post! 😀

  • Gokul

    Ha Ha….That was a funny post. Almost everyone needs to have that pose. 😀

  • Kassie- The Fly Away Life

    Love this! This is too funny! I admit that I took the traditional pic of holding it up but my favorite part was watching others taking their pictures.


    Travelers usually just go to visit the tower for a few hours and then move on but we stayed overnight and really liked Pisa. We enjoyed just walking around admiring the city.

  • Oh gosh this made me laugh! People-watching was one of my favourite things to do when visiting the tower, SO funny! Like you I refused – on principle – to pose haha.


      Haha…..a fellow non-poser! Yay! 🙂

  • Haha! I love this post! My partner and I also ended up taking more photos of the crowd posing than pictures of ourselves when we visited!


      The posers were so much more interesting! 😉

  • This post truly had me cracking up! I love the various poses – which tourist wouldn’t want that iconic shot at the leaning tower of Pisa. But seeing it from a different perspective is definitely hilarious!

  • Shem Hooda

    Hahah I had so much fun reading this and looking at all the various poses! I had no idea about the history behind the tower and had always wondered (and for some reason, never looked it up!). I cannot wait to visit someday and strike my own “creative” pose!

  • Raymond Carroll

    One of my closest friends used to live in Pisa. He married an Italian girl and always wanted me to go over (from Scotland) to visit him. He used to tell me how beautiful it was – ‘come over, man, you’ll love it!’ I never did make it over and now he’s divorced and living in Madrid. Love the pics!


      That’s a funny story (well not for your friend)… should’ve went when you had the chance! 😉

  • Courtney Jones

    Hilarious post! I love all the photos of everyone trying to get the perfect shot. I hate to say it, but I’d probably be one of *those* people haaa #awkward


      No worries… you can see you wouldn’t be the only one but you might end up on a blog post. 😉


    I’m sure the Tower of Pisa will be happy to pose with you next time! 😉