Seeing Pink in Cuba

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While backpacking around Cuba, we chose to stay in casas particulares (private homes). All the homes we stayed at were impeccably clean and well-appointed but two of them – one in the capital city of Havana and the other in the cigar-making region of Viñales – stood out quite prominently.

Let’s see if you can guess why.


CUBA 2013 1541


The answer is quite clear….or quite clearly PINK!

Although I consider myself more of a blues & greens kind of girl when it comes to color preferences, I don’t mind pink once in a while but entering these rooms was like being jolted into gastrointestinal medication hell (that’s not a good thing by the way)!

It was quite overwhelming – I first gasped then needed to adjust my eyes (literally) and then had a good laugh. I’m not picky when it comes to accommodation as long as it’s clean and safe (both accommodations were) but this was an overdose of bubble gum pink!

I have to say, though, that as an Interior Designer I did appreciate the effort in keeping everything as coordinated as much as possible with the pink bed linens, shiny pink curtains and even fluffy toilet accessories – no sense in doing things halfway – wouldn’t you agree?

That being said, our hosts were as friendly and accommodating as these rooms were pink – which says a lot!


CUBA 2013 544


CUBA 2013 507


Have you ever stayed in an overly colorful room? Let’s share some laughs in the comments below!


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