Seeing Pink in Cuba

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While backpacking around Cuba, we chose to stay in casas particulares (private homes). All the homes we stayed at were impeccably clean and well-appointed but two of them – one in the capital city of Havana and the other in the cigar-making region of Viñales – stood out quite prominently.

Let’s see if you can guess why.


CUBA 2013 1541


The answer is quite clear….or quite clearly PINK!

Although I consider myself more of a blues & greens kind of girl when it comes to color preferences, I don’t mind pink once in a while but entering these rooms was like being jolted into gastrointestinal medication hell (that’s not a good thing by the way)!

It was quite overwhelming – I first gasped then needed to adjust my eyes (literally) and then had a good laugh. I’m not picky when it comes to accommodation as long as it’s clean and safe (both accommodations were) but this was an overdose of bubble gum pink!

I have to say, though, that as an Interior Designer I did appreciate the effort in keeping everything as coordinated as much as possible with the pink bed linens, shiny pink curtains and even fluffy toilet accessories – no sense in doing things halfway – wouldn’t you agree?

That being said, our hosts were as friendly and accommodating as these rooms were pink – which says a lot!


CUBA 2013 544


CUBA 2013 507


Have you ever stayed in an overly colorful room? Let’s share some laughs in the comments below!


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  • Oh Cuba, dear old Cuba… Some of these casas particulares just completely overdo their decorations. Well, actually a not of homes in Cuba have a change relationship to decorations. I think the most change things I have seen there was Christmas decorations which seemed to be there all year around…

    • Lydia

      Lol! I couldn’t believe how much they liked pink! I figured they didn’t have access to much paint let alone a variety of different colors but it was hilarious nonetheless! And they’re obviously oblivious to any sort of design trends but the whole “stuck in time” characteristic is what makes Cuba so endearing! 🙂

  • Ray

    Good call about backpacking around Cuba instead of staying at all-inclusive resorts like I have done during my past two visits. How did you find this Casa Particular? And where was it located?

    • Lydia

      Hi Ray! These casas particulares were in Havana and Vinales. It’s so easy to find and stay in casas particulares in Cuba – just walk around any town and there will be loads of them (identified with an official sign). We just walked up to the door and asked if a room was available. Thanks for reading! 🙂