The Prettiest Train Rides in Sri Lanka

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I absolutely adore taking the train when traveling abroad! I enjoy sitting side by side with locals often striking up a conversation and sometimes even sharing snacks. I enjoy hearing the crick-cracking of rusty wagons and the chugging of wheels on steal rails. I revel in staring out the windows to take in the ever-changing scenery. I’m curious to see what ambulant vendors will sell at the next stop.

Train rides are rarely boring if not for the pure joy of infusing a bit of nostalgia.




But the prettiest train rides I’ve ever taken thus far were in Sri Lanka – more specifically through the tea plantations that were in full bloom during the wet season. We took two such train rides: one from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya (Nanu Oya Station) and the other from Dalhousie (Hatton Station) to Ella. Both offered equally stunning landscapes slowly passing through villages clothed in a dramatic mist, snaking along sleepy rivers and crossing highlands overlooking pretty valleys.

The more modern trains in Sri Lanka, painted a bright shade of blue contrasting vividly against the green vegetation, are sufficiently comfortable and rarely crowded. The ticket prices are extremely low allowing even budget-minded travelers to regal in first class if they so wish. But we found 2nd and 3rd class (reserved) seats to be more than adequate for these two short rides of just a few hours each.




The most fun part about riding on trains in Sri Lanka is that they move at incredibly low speed allowing passengers to sit or stand on the stairs of the open doorways enjoying the views and taking in the fresh breeze. Just make sure to tuck yourself in before passing through a narrow tunnel (of which there are many)!

And so I leave you with these images of sheer, natural beauty to awaken or further ignite your wanderlust (and to possibly stir up some dreamy nostalgia).






















I just love these old train schedules!


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What’s the prettiest train ride you’ve ever been on? 


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