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Morocco must be one of the most inspirational destinations for an Interior Designer like myself. Not only is the architecture stunning but the beautiful tiles adorning the mosques are a feast for the eyes as well. Morocco is a country with a rich history of handicrafts passed on from generation to generation many of which still survive today.

Wandering around the souks brimming with tiny shops is an adventure in itself – one of my favorites I might add! I can’t get enough of roaming the narrow alleyways scouring for the perfect piece to bring back home. Morocco is known for its intricate hand-woven rugs usually made by tribal communities living in the surrounding deserts.


Source Etsy: Warmed by Sunshine Beni Ouarain by Pink Rug Co.


Two of the most popular rug designs now widely used in interior design are Beni Ouarain and boucherouite rugs. Beni Ouarain rugs (above) are made with sheep’s wool and have a distinct style which is usually simple black and white geometric designs. Boucherouite rugs (below) are traditionally made from left over scraps of fabric giving them this kaleidoscope style of awesome colors. It seems that Berber women were practicing the fine art of recycling before it was even a whisper on this side of the world. Aren’t they fabulous?


Source Etsy: Spring in Reykjavik by Pink Ring Co.


Source Etsy: Painters Palette by Pink Rug Co.


Another very popular design element derived from Morocco is the beautiful handira (which I’ve been coveting!) or commonly known as a Moroccan wedding blanket. These blankets are a perfect mixture of wool, cotton and linen with sequined mirror details hand-woven by Berber women living in the Middle Atlas mountains. The blankets were given to a young bride on her wedding night to be worn as a sort of cape most probably to protect her from the cold in the mountains as she makes her way to the ceremony.

Nowadays in the world of home decor, these handira are not only used as blankets but are often turned into pillows or carpets. Personally, I would love to have one to use as a decorative bed cover. They’re just so gorgeous!




To create a design using some traditional Moroccan handicrafts, it’s essential to use lots of textiles and textures. Moroccan pillows are bursting with bold or more subdued colors allowing you to have fun by mixing and matching different patterns. In this design, I used a simple yet sophisticated white couch which acts as a canvas for showcasing all that textile goodness.

In Morocco, brass is a common material used to make all kinds of hardware and light fixtures. Walking in the souks one can hear artisans hammering away busy creating their next masterpiece. Adding brass accessories is a must when creating a Moroccan-influenced design. Keeping in line with this concept, I chose a floor lamp with a linen shade and some pretty candle holders.

Because Moroccan homes are a gathering place for families, Moroccan designs should reflect this aspect by being first and foremost comfortable. Layering or adding a few complimentary rugs and some poufs scattered all around render a space much more casual and inviting.





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Have you been to Morocco? Did you also fall in love with all the textiles?


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  • Suruchi Mittal

    These designs are so pretty. I can’t choose one for myself. I have fallen for all of them. I would love to buy so much of this stuff when i visit Morocco. Thanks for a wonderful write up and info.

  • Ana Ojha

    All those rugs look amazing! I saw Moroccan rugged art work at Washington D.C’s. Smithsonian Museum which was quite fascinating!

  • Laveena Sengar

    This is just so pretty. All of these designs are just outstanding. I myself am a big fan of Beautiful decor. I would like to find something like these.

  • Tae

    Can you please come and design my home with these textiles 🙂 I’m such a fan of the geometric shapes and bright colors. The throws all look so soft, too!

  • Miriam Ernst

    This is so beautiful! I particularly love the ones with kaleidoscope patterns but also the handira, which I think are very elegant (obviously as they were used for wedding) haha. I’d like to have one of these pillows 🙂

  • Blair Villanueva

    these rugs are amazing and am imagining the tedious work to do just to finish a piece of square rug. I have huge respects for all the weavers out there.

  • Jeff & Crystal Bryant

    We love the textures and patterns. The unique arched doorway beckons further exploring. Thanks for sharing these inspiring photos. Perhaps Morocco will be a destination we make some day.