HiI’m Lydia!

Im an Interior Designer with serious wanderlust hoping to embellish your world with inspirational travels and awesome designs. I was born and raised in Montreal (Quebec) – the only official French-speaking province in Canada. I’m perfectly bilingual in English and French, some Italian (can’t deny my roots) and enough Spanish to get by.

Read on to know more about me!




Funny Stuff About Me

  • I don’t know how to whistle
  • I prefer the aisle seat to the window seat (the middle seat always sucks!)
  • I enjoy putting phrases in parenthesis (you’ve been warned)
  • I’m (slightly) addicted to Pinterest (follow me here)
  • I don’t drink coffee but I like anything that tastes like coffee (mmmm….tiramisu)


My Short Story

In 2014, I traded in my uninspiring nine-to-five job at an international company (of which I worked at for 17 years) to finally do something I had dreamed of for the longest time. I finally decided to pursue my passion for design by becoming an Interior Designer and opening my small business under the name Kazza Interior Design.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve enjoyed flipping through design magazines and browsing design books imagining how I can transform my home (and others’) to look like what appeared on the glossy pages. Every aspect of interior design is like an art to me – each element carefully chosen to create a beautiful and equally comfortable living space.

Having a seriously insatiable case of wanderlust has greatly influenced my design style which I like to define as eclectic and worldly (but I stay away from any rooms with a “theme”). One of the best parts of being an Interior Designer who loves to travel is that I’m willing and ready to work anywhere in the world (hire contact me here).




My Travel History

My first trip was to New York City as a teenager – I was instantly hooked to the bright lights, big city. I knew then and there that something inside me had shifted – I needed to see the whole world! A few years later, I went on my first European trip to Italy soon followed by another trip to Portugal. I didn’t travel for many years after that but my wanderlust didn’t (and wouldn’t) subside. In my late twenties, I finally gave in and have been traveling far and wide on a regular basis ever since.

My travels have brought me to several countries, countless cosmopolitan cities and dusty out-of-the-way villages. Whether it be by plane, by train, by bus, by boat, by motorbike, by rickshaw or by foot, my five senses have often been overwhelmed and at times exhausted but always and forever in awe!


What Brought Me Here?

My passion for interior design and traveling often bring me to browse the internet looking for ideas and inspirations to feed my curiosity and to widen my creativity. I haven’t found a website that satisfies both of these needs so (naturally) I decided to create my own.

As an Interior Designer, I find myself looking at monuments and run-down buildings, people and street life, crafts and food with an ever-present designing eye – always trying to capture with my camera the small details that will at some time or other spark inspiration.




I came to the realization that beautiful (and at times unconventional) design can be found anywhere and everywhere around the world often in the most unexpected places. I instinctively think of how I can design a space inspired by what I see – the intricate details of a temple, thought-provoking street art, a beautifully carved door knob or even the terracotta roof tiles of Tuscany. All these things evoke a certain creativity in me that I’d like to share with whomever is interested.

If design isn’t your thing, no worries, you’ll also find travel blogs, travel stories/guides and photo galleries all right here at your disposal. After all, my wish is that you, too, are inspired by my travels and/or my designs to help you pursue whatever it is that makes your heart skip a beat (or two).

So click your way through Life Un(t)raveled and join me in exploring the world through the eyes of an Interior Designer!


What is Life Un(t)raveled?


Beautiful door knob – Trinidad, Cuba


Marble chevron and arabesque details – Taj Mahal, India


Terracotta roof tiles – Florence, Italy


What inspires you? What are you passionate about? What are your dreams and aspirations? Let me know in the comments below!



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