Monaco: Royalty and High-Rollers

Monaco is an independent micro-state situated on the Southern tip of France. More specifically, it’s a principality which basically means it’s run by a royal family with Prince Albert II as head of state.

When one mentions Monaco images of exorbitantly-priced yachts, high-end designer boutiques and the internationally-known Grand Prix come to mind. Well, that’s actually quite a precise portrait of Monaco – oh and there’s a Royal Palace, too. I remember thinking how clean Monaco was – not one spot of dirt or spitted-out chewing gum was to be found anywhere on the sidewalks. It was most definitely royal.




In the district of Monaco is the small ward of Monte Carlo, with its fancy casino attracting the richest of the rich driving around (or should I say being driven) in the most luxurious of cars. You don’t need to be a big spender to visit Monaco and Monte Carlo; you could do like me and just gaze at the opulence around you and take some time to stop and wonder – Should I have worn my cut-off jean shorts today??

(This is part of my Early Travels Series hence the grainy photos – see more in Destinations)


Just a humble house on the way to Monaco





The Royal Palace
The Royal Palace



The much-photographed harbor with its luxurious yachts
Monte Carlo Casino


Have you been to Monaco and Monte Carlo?


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