I Left My Heart In Amsterdam


On our way back from India, we were looking forward to our layover in Amsterdam – a city I had been wanting to visit for the longest time.

Exhausted but equally excited, we bought our train tickets at the airport and about 25 minutes later we arrived at the Centraal Train Station. As soon as I stepped outside the station, I knew Amsterdam – with its famous canals and picture-perfect, narrow huizen – would be one of my favorite cities.




Wearing the mint green “Adidas” (it’s a real fake!) coat I bought in Amritsar, the scarf I bought in Jodhpur and the wool mittens I bought in Darjeeling (needless to say Northern India was cold!), I was ready to face the crisp January cold – or so I thought. The deceptive sun was shining bright but the sharp dampness seeped through the layers of clothes all the way to my bones. Nonetheless, I was in Amsterdam and determined to not let my frozen feet and slowly-numbing fingers stop me (I am Canadian after all)!






We didn’t have much time so we chose a random street to explore. It turned out that Kalverstraat was one of the top shopping streets in Amsterdam – and there were end-of-season sales in every store. The window displays all beckoned me to go in – to warm myself up of course!

After a few delightful hours of gliding in and out of shops, I actually managed to not buy anything. Truth be told, I did find some cute pieces of clothing that were to my liking but, unfortunately, not to my sizing; and we ran out of time before I could scour more shops to find something to spend a few Euros on. (I should’ve bought those bronze metallic booties though – damn it!).

I would’ve liked to explore the ins and outs of Amsterdam but it was just too cold to casually walk around for an extended period of time (hence the shopping – not that I’m complaining).

Alas, Amsterdam had already worked its magic and won me over in just a few hours. I would love to go back but next time definitely during the hot Summer months!






Check out my design inspired by a bakery in Amsterdam!






Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam (Royal Palace)





Have you been to Amsterdam? Any suggestions on where to shop? Let me know in the comments below!



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