Sri Lanka: The Wonder of Asia

Before our two-month trip to India, we decided to travel around Sri Lanka for ten days. Previously known as Ceylon, it achieved independence from British colonial rule in 1972. After a nearly thirty-year civil war ending in 2009, Sri Lanka only recently opened its doors to mass tourism but it’s still considered somewhat of a hidden gem.

Despite its proximity to India, the differences in culture, architecture and people are flagrant. Tea plantations abound in Central Sri Lanka making its tea some of the best in the world rivaling the likes of India.

We both absolutely loved Sri Lanka and it became, almost immediately upon arrival, one of our favorite travel destinations. We went at the end of November – the rainy season was likely to be over but many of our days were dampened by heavy rainfalls and cloudy skies especially in Northern and Central Sri Lanka. Nonetheless, we would’ve gladly spent more time exploring this tiny island country but we had to make our way to India.

Despite its compact geographical area, Sri Lanka offers a wide variety of things to see and do – heritage sites, wildlife, pristine beaches, lush forests and impressive landscapes. We didn’t have time to see everything but following are some highlights of our way-too-short stay in the Wonder of Asia.


Dambulla Cave Temples – Buddhas, Monkeys & Other Surprises

Also known as The Golden Temple of Dambulla, this is yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site found in Sri Lanka. Prior to going, I had seen pictures but…..Read more

12788_10153126856087853_5966859408626075010_nGalle Fort – Sri Lanka’s Crown Jewel

This is without a doubt the most charming town in Sri Lanka. Galle Fort is a small fortified town located about 130 km…..Read more




Colombo – A Quick Stop in the Capital City of Sri Lanka

We landed in Colombo in the early morning hours at a time when the light of day is still struggling to pierce…..Read More


Kandy – A Bittersweet Revelation

Will the rain ever stop? The city of Kandy located in central Sri Lanka is flanked by mountains beautifully draped in luxuriant tea plantations……Read More 



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Have you been to Sri Lanka? What are your thoughts on this less-visited destination?


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  • Hi Lydia
    Have you been to Sigiriya on the way to your journey ?
    There are several nice beaches , jungles and ancient cities to visit. Try next time 🙂

    • Lydia

      Hi Janaka! We went to Pidurangala Rock instead of Sigiriya (you can read my post on why). We also went to Jungle Beach and did visit ancient cities (I wrote many articles and posts on our trip to Sri Lanka). We didn’t have time to go to any jungles to witness local wildlife, though. 🙁

      • Janaka Dalugama

        Yes Lydia, Later I saw your post about Sigiriya. I also disagree charging “Temple of the Tooth” visit from foreigners ! , I went through most of the articles you published about Sri Lanka 🙂


          Hi Janaka! Wow – thanks for reading some of my posts on Sri Lanka – hope you enjoyed them! 🙂