Blending In Without Really Wanting To

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I wouldn’t don’t consider myself a fashionista nor do I consider myself a fashion victim (the 80’s don’t count). I don’t have a distinct style but I do have a personal style that ranges from a little bit bohemian to a lot casual with a dash of pretty.

When I travel comfort comes first but that doesn’t mean I pack an endless supply of shapeless t-shirts and multi-functional style-deficient safari trousers (look full-length pants! look cropped pants! look shorts! all in one!) the color of dirty water. What I mean by comfort is clothes that don’t cinch my waist (ahem belly), ride up my crotch or strap in my breasts like a bustier straight out of medieval times. Loose (stylish-ish) clothing is the way to go and cotton is my best friend.

What I’m getting at is that while wanting to be comfortable, I still like to look somewhat decent while I travel. I always pack a pair of going-out shoes (no heels but they’re usually shiny) to turn my daytime clothes into acceptable evening-worthy outfits. A scarf or two to dress up my outfits day or night always find a place in my backpack. My pants range from skinny jeans (with a high percentage of spandex) to fun-patterned elastic-waste harem/gypsy pants to versatile black leggings (a must-pack item). My tops are casual with lots of potential, my dresses are flirty and flowing and my shorts are worn-out denim.
Smart, efficient mixing & matching is the best policy when packing. I make sure every top and every bottom are compatible enough to create a variety of different outfits. My last-minute (day before or day of departure) packing process is well-thought out (with about a dozen edits). But one thing that never, ever crosses my mind is matching my outfits with the places I visit. That would just be crazy.

And yet.

It’s happened more than once.

Sometimes I notice while I’m in the midst of exploring a new place (that wall should have told me it would be wearing the same outfit as me!); other times I gasp when I go through my pictures (I did it again?!). My friends even mock me by commenting on how my outfits unbelievably match my surroundings….again.

Sometimes it’s downright obvious. Sometimes it’s more subtle. Either way it’s crazy how often it happens.

From Southeast Asia to Central America to Europe and the U.S.A., my travel style and I have blended in….without really wanting to.

See for yourself!


Green with envy – Yangon, Myanmar


Stylin’ with pigeons – Bogotà, Colombia


Crazy color coordination – Juayua, El Salvador


Could I blend in any more? – La Havana, Cuba


Bob Marley would be proud! – Nine Mile Village, Jamaica


I rarely wear yellow and yet…. – Bogotà, Colombia


Effortlessly blending in – Bagan, Myanmar


What happens in Vegas – Las Vegas, Nevada


I swear I didn’t know! – Cartagena, Colombia


Nero & Bianco – Parma, Italy


The trains in Myanmar and I seem to have a thing – Kalaw, Myanmar


Tuk-tuk lovin’ – Somewhere in India


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Have you ever blended in without really wanting to? Please tell me I’m not the only one! 


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  • Megan Claire

    Wow, how crazy!! You really do seem to effortlessly blend into your surroundings! I did a double take on the photo from Bagan, Myanmar because at first I almost missed that you were there :D!

  • Stephanie Rose

    Loving your travel style. It’s very casual with bright fun colors. Looks comfy and stylish. I usually go overboard and only dress up when I travel. This last trip I forgot to bring clothes for bumming around, but I had planned on yoga so I did have one rec outfit. It looks like you can mix and match some of your pieces too which can be refreshing on long trips when I tend to get bored of the same things.

  • Well, I totally love your style! I live in New England and spent years in browns, greys, and black. When I moved to Reno, my friends quickly decked me out in all kinds of colorful attire. I think it kind of comes naturally to match your surroundings.

  • I think you do a great job packing versatile pieces and you always have pops of color. I am really bad about packing color because I want the few pieces I bring all to match with one another! My first year traveling I packed all gym clothes to be comfortable and really regretted it when I saw all my photos and I look like a ragamuffin! I was a little more conscious of that this year. I will take a few notes from you and be sure to pack some fun colors!

  • Chantell Collins

    That is so cute! You really match up with each of your locations. I totally agree that basics with a scarf or nicer pair of flats can really transform an outfit for going out :).

  • Haha that’s so funny, you are like a chameleon! I like to add a splash of colour to my outfits, but also love those basics – khakis, jeans and black leggings. Good tip about the scarfs too

  • Vyjay Rao

    Dressing and while traveling is definitely dictated by Comfort. You have a remarkable sense of colour coordination. The way your dresses blend with the backdrops at different places is really wonderful.

  • Christina Pfeiffer

    When it comes to dressing while travelling, I think comfort should always come first. It’s also fun to buy local clothes so you can get into the spirit of the destination. I like those colourful pants!

  • Your outfits are so colorful, effortless, and most of all they look super comfy. I’m guilty of always packing a bunch of black in my suitcase and have been trying to add more color. Thank you for your style inspiration 🙂

  • Paige Brown

    Haha! Too funny! I love that even your friends have noticed. I think that the first train photo, Bagan and El Salvador are the craziest! Too much fun! I’m with you, that comfort is always my no. 1 priority! Cheers!

  • Neha Verma

    Girl you have got a style!! and you blend so well. I believe style is not just the way you dress up, its the way you carry yourself, you talk, you impress..


      Thank you so much…..I do try to look decent whilst traveling! 🙂

  • JM

    Well you blend really well and it is obvious in your photos. i love to always be comfortable when travelling. By the way, your photos look wonderful. 🙂


      Hi JM! Thank you – I’m not very photogenic but I also don’t really care….lol! 😉

  • 🙂 That is so great, you do blend well! I never think about things except comfort and often just throw in a few dresses.. I will have to take a look at my photos because I am so curious now how my colors blend, 🙂

  • That is just so funny it gave me a bit of a lift this morning. I am’ constantly bored with my clothes when travelling I find it so difficult to pack for 3 seasons in one tiny bag, not to mention being a larger size. I can pack easily for sunny weather that’s a no brainer, but sun and cold lordy.


      At this point, I admit I’m also bored with my travel clothes. It seems I’m always bringing the same ones…lol! It is difficult packing for different weather and then sometimes you have to think about cultural differences also. I can’t say I enjoy packing though but most of the time I find I’ve packed appropriately.

  • Rashmi & Chalukya

    Agree when packing for travel comfort is very important. But I also agree that bit of a blending with the background is neccessary for a perfect shot. Lucky you, you got to click those awesome click without having to working much on what to pack and what not to 🙂 The one in Bagan and one with pigeon is my favorite!


      I honestly never think of the background – that would be too much work (packing is tedious enough as it is) but it seems I have a knack for blending in without much effort. 🙂

  • KRPS

    Interesting read! I love your colorful wardrobe! You would fit in well in Costa Rica where color is king 🙂 I always love a scarf to dress up any outfit. And how many cool places you have traveled to! Amazing! Happy Travels 🙂


      I’ve been to Costa Rica and actually went through my pictures for this post but didn’t find any that stood out like these. 🙂


    Let me know if you find any pictures – then I wouldn’t be the only crazy one! 😉

  • Haha I love this post! First of all I can totally relate to your choice of style and current wardobe! I really enjoyed reading what you wrote and it’s hilarious how you blend in to all those places! Very awesome!

  • what a wonderful post! I love when a post has a ton of photos – and i totally relate to your outfit planning!

  • Leah Shoup

    It’s always great to blend in and not stick out so obviously when it comes to traveling. Your tips are great. I always try to mix and match to keep my suitcase from overflowing!

  • I loved this post. You’re so honest! Also your travel photos are definitely giving me the itch to travel!


      Hi Nicole – thank you so much! Hope you get to travel soon! 🙂


    Let me know if you find any pics! 🙂

  • Oyinkan Ogunleye

    I too love loose clothing. Its much more comfortable!


      Hi Oyinkan! Loose clothing is the way to go (when traveling that is)! 🙂

  • Cute and comfortable!

  • Glad to see that you are out and about. How was your stay in Jamaica?

  • Ana

    After looking at your pictures, I must say that you’re a blending queen! All your outfits match perfectly with the surrounding as if you had planned your outfit before visiting the destination!

    • Lydia

      Blending Queen – I’ll take it! 😊

  • What a great piece! I find your blending quite stylish and it has also brought out my yen to travel! Mynamar looked amazing, not to mention South America 🙂

    • Lydia

      Thanks Janine! I wasn’t trying to blend in but at least it worked! 😉 (P.S. Myanmar posts will be up soon and more on South America also).

  • Wow! It looks like you’ve really traveled everywhere — I’m so jealous. I love to see the world, I wish I could do it more often. But ah, life calls. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lydia

      I really hope you get to travel more – it really is the best gift you can give yourself! 🙂

  • Ima

    Lol this is so cute!
    I loved every single picture (and I think the lemon yellows and leafy green colors looked best on you 🙂 )

    • Lydia

      Thank you so much! Green is one of my favorite colors to wear (maybe I should wear more yellow)! 🙂

  • Lovely post! I enjoyed all your different outfits. I tend to blend in, only most of the time I want to. I’m a bit of an introvert.

    • Lydia

      Thank you! I’m also an introvert but that’s a whole different blog post! 😉

  • This is such a great idea and what a cool post! I loved it. You are a real chameleon, so much fun. My favourite is Bagan, Myanmar!

    • Lydia

      Thank you Sheri! I enjoyed writing it although it might confirm that I’m a wee bit crazy…lol! A crazy chameleon perhaps?! 😉

  • Haha, that is so funny how you blend in with your surroundings. By the way, I love your style! You look great and comfy!

    • Lydia

      Thanks Victoria – glad I made you laugh! 🙂

  • Loved reading your post!Even i when i travel comfortable clothes win the race. Mixing n matching clothes is the best thing, it makes me travel light yet be stylish and trendy.

    • Lydia

      Exactly! No reason for looking disheveled while traveling – mixing & matching is the way to go! 🙂

  • Hahaha! Oh my! This is such a great idea for a post!! 😀 Really enjoyed myself with your photos and small comments!

    • Lydia

      Thank you so much Rebecca! I really thought I was slightly crazy when I was going through my pictures for this post….lol!

  • LOL — that’s too funny!

    • Lydia

      Funny….and a little crazy…lol!

  • Wow, this is unbelievable, hahahaha!!!

    • Lydia

      Crazy isn’t it?!