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New Delhi: How I Spent 8 Days in the Crazy, Chaotic Capital City

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  We decied to stay in New Delhi for the remainder of our trip but that wasn’t the plan initially. New Delhi was our departure point so, naturally, that’s where our journey would end but I needed to wrap my … Read More

Indulging in Sweet Nothingness on Don Det Island

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  Located in Southern Laos bordering Cambodia, Si Phan Don or more commonly known among travelers as 4000 Islands, is where the Mekong river is forcibly split into smaller waterways by the presence of numerous islands (or islets) creating a … Read More

Altos de Chavón – Disappointment in the Dominican Republic

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  Beach, sand and sun (and a few cocktails) are all you need for a relaxing all-inclusive vacation in the Caribbean. The white-powdered beaches and turquoise waters of Punta Cana attract thousands of tourists every year including myself. Prior to … Read More

Monks, Wats, Shopping, Eating and Sweating in Luang Prabang

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  I‘ve already written about the day Luang Prabang cast a spell on me but now it’s time to write about monks, wats, shopping, eating and sweating, in other words, things to do in the former royal capital of Laos. … Read More

The Day Luang Prabang Cast a Spell on Me

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  Nestled in a viridescent valley reminiscent of a masterpiece painting, the ancient town of Luang Prabang is located in Northern Laos at the confluence of the Mekong river and the less imposing Nam Kahn river. The cobbled sidewalks embellished … Read More

Traveling Isn’t Always Pretty: Mishaps of my Trip in South East Asia

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  With an abundance of almost-perfect pictures of travelers drinking cocktails on white-powdery beaches, trekking with apparent ease through thick jungles and posing flawlessly in front of historical monuments, it’s easy to believe that traveling is always wonderful and worry-free. … Read More

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