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The Tale of my Thai Massage

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  I had a whole day all to myself to discover the old walled city of Chiang Mai – aimlessly wandering around discovering unknown streets and hidden soi (alleys), turning left, no why not right, going wherever my eyes and feet lead … Read More

Strike a Pose in Pisa

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  Some historical monuments are the perfect prop for taking creative silly pictures but the leaning tower of Pisa probably beats them all – inciting tourists to do all sorts of contortions to save it from its hypothetical dismal fall … Read More

Anuradhapura: The Ancient Civilization of Sri Lanka

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  The ancient civilization of Anuradhapura thrived as the political and religious capital of Sri Lanka over the course of 1300 years until an invasion abruptly ended its reign in 993. With its stupas (dagobas) and temples dating back to … Read More

Sacred Cows & Holy Crap

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  It’s widely known that cows are sacred in Hinduism but did you ever wonder why? In the Hindu faith, cows are considered to be generously bountiful. They represent life as well as the Earth and are regarded as ever-giving … Read More

Shri Karni Mata: The Rat Temple of Deshnoke

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  You might wonder why anyone would want to go to a temple riddled with rats. The answer is quite simple: because it’s the only one in existence in the whole wide world and so we I was keen on going. … Read More

The Slums of Dharavi: A Highlight of my Trip to India

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  On our last day in Mumbai, we were debating going to Dharavi – one of the biggest slums in Asia made famous by the movie Slumdog Millionaire (which, by the way, had an excellent soundtrack). Asking around, some people said it … Read More

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