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H’Mong Tribeswomen, Lush Mountains and Rice Paddies in Sapa

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  Sapa was, without a doubt, the most picturesque region I had the pleasure of visiting in Vietnam. Prior to my trip, when I thought of Vietnam this was the exact image that came to mind: ombré layers of rice … Read More

The Cost of Achieving Gilded Perfection in Mandalay

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  One thing that stands out while traveling in Myanmar is how many sacred Buddha images and pagodas are gilded in shiny gold leaves – and, yes, it’s real gold! The most prominent of these shimmering relics is Shwedagon Pagoda … Read More

A Close Encounter With Yangon’s Most Dangerous Street Gang

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  After our jaunt visiting the sacred Golden Rock, we hopped on the last bus to Yangon – the former capital city but still the busiest. The bus ride was longer than planned – as expected in a country where … Read More

A Brief Guide to the Most Compelling Temples of Ancient Bagan

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  The ancient city of Bagan dating back to the 9th century is the most coveted site in Myanmar attracting not only foreigners but also thousands of Burmese pilgrims every year. Originally, nearly 10,000 monuments were erected between the 9th … Read More

Olfactory Memories of Myeik

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  Although I usually try to find something good about every place I visit keeping in mind that simply being there is a privilege in itself, there’s the odd time when I’m more likely looking forward to leaving than to … Read More

Stepping Inside the Biggest Reclining Buddha Image in the World

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  That’s a pretty ambitious claim but at a length of nearly 600 feet / 180 meters, this reclining Buddha is truly deserving of its unofficial world-record holding title! Win Sein Taw Ya is the proper name given to this … Read More

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