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Traveling Isn’t Always Pretty: Mishaps of my Trip in South East Asia

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  With an abundance of almost-perfect pictures of travelers drinking cocktails on white-powdery beaches, trekking with apparent ease through thick jungles and posing flawlessly in front of historical monuments, it’s easy to believe that traveling is always wonderful and worry-free. … Read More

A Small Taste of Tokyo – What To Do On An 8-Hour Layover

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  So you’re transiting through Narita International Airport in Japan and have an 8-hour layover; this makes you instantly roll your eyes, let out a hefty sigh and start to wonder what to do with all that time deemed wasted. … Read More

Visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels and Why I Didn’t Like It

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  The Vietnam War stretched out from 1955 to 1975 entailing millions of fatalities including some in the neighboring (non-participating) countries of Laos and Cambodia. It was a war waged between the United States and two opposing parties in Vietnam: … Read More

Can Tho: The Entryway to the Cai Rang Floating Market & Much More

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  One of the places I was really excited about visiting in Vietnam was the infamous floating markets. After spending a few days in Ho Chi Minh City, we booked a tour at one of the many offices in the … Read More

Striking a Pose in Pisa – Sharing History & Laughs

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  Some historical monuments are the perfect prop for taking silly creative pictures but the Leaning Tower of Pisa probably beats them all – inciting tourists to perform all sorts of contortions to save it from its hypothetical dismal fall to … Read More

In Search of Textiles and Tribes in Luang Namtha

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  Luang Namtha is located in Northern Laos and was once part of the infamous opium route known as the Golden Triangle (made up of the three neighboring countries of Laos, Thailand and Myanmar) but nowadays it’s mostly known as … Read More

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