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Monks Kissing the Sky – Visiting the Monasteries of Meteora

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  When most people think of Greece, the white-washed dwellings topped with domes the color of the Aegean Sea in Santorini or the Acropolis in Athens naturally come to mind. But if you’re planning a trip to this land of … Read More

The Holy City of Varanasi – Where Life Returns to Ashes

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  Each year thousands if not millions of Hindu pilgrims make their way to the Holy City of Varanasi for the envious privilege of bathing in the sacred waters of the Ganges river to purify their souls. The iconic ghats … Read More

Nothing But Accolades for the Royal Decameron Salinitas Resort

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  When I went to El Salvador, I stayed at the Royal Decameron Salinitas Resort and I can’t say enough good things about it! The large room was impeccable, the grounds were finely manicured and the variety of international food at the … Read More

La Ruta de las Flores – A Tour of the Cultural Towns of El Salvador

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  Following the picturesque Ruta de las Flores (Flower Route) will have you meandering through quaint pueblitos each with its very own unique flare.     NAHUIZALCO The first stop on my tour was the small town of Nahuizalco which gets its nomenclature from … Read More

There Was Something Fishy About La Libertad

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  There was definitely something fishy about La Libertad – the small coastal town with the dreamy name, Freedom, but what made it so appealing was anything but.       The air was hot and heavy and clung stubbornly to … Read More

San Salvador Volcano – From Deep Within the Belly of El Salvador

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  El Salvador’s topography will have its visitors straining their necks trying to take in its magnificent mountainous regions splattered with a few volcanoes – 23 to be exact. That is, twenty-three active volcanoes. That’s an astonishing amount for such … Read More

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